11 funny examples of ‘movie logic’ social media users wish worked in real life


11 funny examples of ‘movie logic’ social media users wish worked in real life

Life would be a little simpler if some things worked just like they did in the movies.

(SerhiiBobyk/Getty Images)
(SerhiiBobyk/Getty Images)

Sometimes it seems logic works slightly differently in Hollywood movies than in real life, and we’ve all wished from time to time that our lives worked a little more like a film.

Reddit user CodeBrode asked people on the website: “What are some examples of ‘Movie Logic’ that don’t work in real life?”

Here are 11 of the funniest answers – and you’ll wish they worked in your everyday life too.

1. Movie stars are surprisingly good at cutting their own hair.

2. If only this logic worked in real life.

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3. People in movies never need to clarify a date or time.

4. This would be a very useful skill.

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5. A good makeover can solve anything.

6. Computer hacking is a lot more impressive in the films.

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7. If you lived in movie reality you would have an amazing apartment.

8. In a movie, you’d probably get together with your worst enemy.


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9. Doctors would have an easier life if this logic was true.

10. Real-life action movies would be a lot more painful.

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11. Lastly, this would make horror films less terrifying.

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